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I see myself as the next Michael Jackson – Epixode [Video]

Dancehall musician, Epixode, says he is stepping into the shoes of the late pop star Michael Jackson to propel his music career.

According to him, he keeps every special costume he wears for major shows and events because he believes it will help to tell his life story in the future.

Speaking to Joy Prime’s KMJ at the VGMA Experience Concert, Epixode, who wore pair of gloves to perform, said his signature costumes will serve as reference for those who would want to know his music history including his children.


Every costume I make is going to a catalogue… I keep it… and I even have what I wore in Base Awards 2013 down. I see myself as the next Michael Jackson.

So these gloves might be auctioned the next year to come. It’s good to keep them for reference. My kids will come and watch the performance and say Daddy wore this, he said.

Watch the video below:

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