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Controversy over GJA Awards: Was Manasseh's glory stolen?

"“Whether awards or no awards, you are my journalist of the year”, wrote Joy FM’s Managing Editor, Elvis Quarshie"

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Posted on : Sun 31 Aug 2014

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“Whether awards or no awards, you are my journalist of the year”, wrote Joy FM’s Managing Editor, Elvis Quarshie on his Facebook wall in reference to his fellow Multimedia Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni, not long after Saturday night’s Ghana Journalists Association Awards ceremony, which crowned Mabel Aku Banesah of state-owned Daily Graphic as the 2013 Journalist of the year.

Also, Kwame Gyan, who worked with Multimedia in the past, and a very strong voice on social media wrote:

Not to take away the professionalism and work rate of my virtual friend Mabel Aku Baneseh but as I have been saying over the past three days, I cannot fathom why the courageous, nation saving, cost saving and magnificent work done by Manasseh Azure Awuni could be surpassed by any other work.

The poor middle class nation of Ghana was saved millions of dollars and the people who robbed us off these monies in broad day light were exposed through the work of this man. How were we ever going to know that some people had long received monies for work they hadn't done and will never do? How were we ever going to know that we paid companies 200 cedis for cleaners and they only got 40 cedis? How were we going to know that we paid people monies to cut down trees and plant new trees?

If the GJA cannot recognise the threats to his life when he was doing these stories, his patriotism in turning down huge bribes and car gifts at the time he rode a bicycle, his unquestionable desire for truth and zeal to do whats right for his nation and his profession, then I wonder whether the GJA is a group worthy of associating with.

Manasseh is my, and I strongly most people's journalist of the year. It is too easy to read between the lines here. I hope other journalists will stand up to these shambolic dealings within the GJA. I daresay winning an award from the GJA is one of the easiest tasks anyone can do. The difficulty appears only when the recipient bites really hard, and duly so, at the people who have the power to use the power to show you where that power lies.


That is my opinion. You can take me to the slaughter house and put a knife to my throat and I will still maintain this.

Below were the reactions to Kwame Gyan’s post on Facebook:

• Moro Abdul Wahab Thanks for standing up for what you believe is right.
7 hours ago • Like

Samuel Fahren Otoo I agree with you 1000% on this. Looks like in Ghana winning the award consecutive times wont happen.
7 hours ago • Like • 5

Kosoe K. Jayke "The stolen verdict"
7 hours ago • Like • 2

Abubakar Ibrahim Congrats are in order.
7 hours ago • Like • 1

Fred Amankwah-Sarfo You are very right my brother.
7 hours ago • Like

Gee Asare Why can't someone win the award twice.....
5 hours ago • Like • 2

Yaw Ampomah Ahwenie Very interesting to know, GJA must revise the way they do things.
It is surprising to me a man who in my view is second to Anas in terms of risk taking has to miss being awarded for reasons best known to the organisers.
4 hours ago • Like

Alberta Araba Bondziwa Ghunney If they won't give him the award fine, but they can't stop us from celebrating him. And to Mannasseh Azure Awuni, congratulation sir. You re the biggest winner of all. Stay blessed
3 hours ago • Like • 3

Opayin Sei Kwame Well said.
3 hours ago • Like

David Hooah Oh please!
3 hours ago • Like • 3

Efo Klenam Rockson Go drink Korle Lagoon. What is this?
3 hours ago • Like • 4

Daasebre Kofi Django GJA petition, 2014: STOLEN VERDICT
3 hours ago • Like

Abdul Wadudu Jnr You can organize your own!
3 hours ago • Like • 2

Danquah James The move is get people who nobody recognises n get him d award, this akin to Brazil 2014 golden award to Messi.
3 hours ago • Like

Maximus RedFriday Ametorgoh Last year, they even omitted Manasseh Azure Awuni's name from the list of previous winners of the award. He is my journalist of the year. Period!
3 hours ago • Like • 3

Dennis Osei-Owusu Banahene Ka bio boss.
3 hours ago • Like • 1

Dominic Mensah Perfectly agree! Political awards!
2 hours ago • Like • 2

Nana Hesse Ogyiri Kay Kay Gyan well said God bless
2 hours ago • Like • 2

Abubakar Ibrahim Maximus RedFriday Ametorgoh haha you still remember that incident?
2 hours ago • Like • 3

Immortalis Kennedy a stolen verdict reporter awarded with a stolen verdict award
2 hours ago • Like • 1

Ar Mani Can u move on already?? Aabah!!! Go and give him your own award, the Kwame Gyan Award.
2 hours ago • Like

2 hours ago • Like

Kobby DeMarcs That is your singular opinion, so keep it!! Why try to ridicule the entire ceremony just because your so-called choice did not win? I find it to be pathetic !! Let's grow up in Ghana.
about an hour ago • Like • 1

Abubakar Ibrahim Kobby you think what went on was up to scratch? Wow! GJA is pathetic.
about an hour ago • Like • 1

Jones Agyei Kobby demarcs....nobody actually forced you to comment on his opinion. indeed he kept his opinion to his wall....he didn't put it on your wall. And what's the use of having an opinion if one can't freely express it.
about an hour ago • Like

Phreddy Plies Best journalist cos he supported ur revolution claims??? Come to think of it, wld u be comfortable typing these words if ur wish of a revolution had taken place n we were still fighting??? U hate everything that does not go ur way n always wanna create confusion. Get a lyf.
about an hour ago • Like • 1

Kobby DeMarcs @Jones Agyei; Am sorry you don't get it!! His wall is open to the public, he could've narrowed it a select few. I don't need to be forced to contribute. You spew this gabbage & expect your opinion to be respected? In any case is it your wall ??
about an hour ago • Edited • Like

Alberta Araba Bondziwa Ghunney Eiiii I'm shocked at some of these comments. Seriously u guys shd get serious. This post we are all commenting on belongs to Kay Gyan and he could choose to write whatever he damn wants on his wall. He doesn't beg u to read them and of course he's not ...See More
18 minutes ago • Like • 1

Kobby DeMarcs Another pot calling the kettle black!!! We have a very long way to go in Gh with this mentality !!
13 minutes ago • Like

Razak Muhammed It takes more than hard work and the major revelation by Manasseh to win the award. Yes, Manasseh is hard working and passionate about what he does but I think lady arguably deserves the award more than Manasseh because I think she was very factual and...See More
12 minutes ago • Like

Baaba Ann If a journalist worth his/her sort goes to pick a draft audit report and defies all basic ethics of journalism by not contacting the parties concerned and goes ahead to publish this draft report and makes it look like it is the final report simply bcos the draft report suit his/her agenda, u expect such a journalist to be recognized? Shame on u

Manasseh won the Journalist of the year award in 2011 while practising as a freelancer. He subsequently joined the Multimedia Group. Through his investigative work, Manasseh has been able to expose massive rot and corruption at the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) and the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA).

Though he did not win the best Journalist of the year award for 2013, Manasseh picked up another award for his anti-corruption campaign which exposed some rot at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Other Multimedia Journalists who won different awards include Seth Kwame Boateng, Gifty Appiah Andoh and Beatrice Adu.

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