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Ghana’s misuse of funds halting donor support – EU

"Misappropriation of budgeted funds is discouraging the European Union (EU) from honouring its multi-"


Posted on : Mon 20 Oct 2014

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Misappropriation of budgeted funds is discouraging the European Union (EU) from honouring its multi-donor budget support to Ghana, according to the new head of the EU in Ghana, William Hanna.

According to him, the EU is worried about recent negative reports on the utilisation of budgeted funds in the country.

President John Mahama recently appealed to the EU to resume the disbursement of multi-donor budget support, which he said has been halted for about three years.

The development has been blamed on the country's huge budget deficits.

But Mr. Hanna in an interview with Starr News said inasmuch as they are aware of the importance of their assistance to Ghana’s budget, they have a responsibility to justify investments to their tax payer in Europe.

“We have a responsibility to our tax payers in Europe as well. If we are taxing school teachers in Europe and if part of their tax fund is coming to Ghana to build something then I have to show that it has been built and it has been maintained.

“But we have been reading reports recently which are disturbing so these are the questions which have to be addressed. We can support, we can provide support and technical assistance but it all depends on the context in Ghana.”

“If the context is good I think our assistance would be effective, if the context isn’t good, I think our assistance would be affected,” he added.

He added that the EU is aiming at creating a partnership with Ghana based on mutual interest and less aid dependency.

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