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GFA-Gruzah battle embarrassing – Polo

"A former member of the Black Stars, Mohammed Ahmed Polo"

Source: Graphic Online

Posted on : Tue 18 Nov 2014

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A former member of the Black Stars, Mohammed Ahmed Polo, has described the legal battle involving Alhaji Karim Gruzah and the Ghana Football Association as very embarrassing, which should quickly be consigned to history.

“This court case against the GFA (Ghana Football Association) is affecting the interest of the soccer fraternity in Ghana so much, and it is my hope that it will not happen again,” Mohammed polo, who was once described as the dribbling magician of Ghana soccer, told Graphic Sports in an interview.

Expressing concern about the undue delay of the First Capital Plus Premier League as a result of the court case, Polo said it was time the hierarchy of the GFA sought amicable settlement rather than engaging in a legal battle with Alhaji Karim Gruzah.

Commenting on the late start of the league and its effect on soccer, Polo noted, “Alhaji Gruzah is a principled man who will never allow anyone to cheat him. He may have a good case and will not take anything for granted, but the situation is affecting Ghana soccer so much. That is why the GFA should make peace with him for the case to be withdrawn from court as soon as possible.” Asked if dragging the GFA to court was the best option, Polo noted, “It is his right. This is because he might have felt bad about the system. However, it is becoming embarrassing to Ghana soccer because apart from Ghana, all Premier leagues around the globe have started”.

He questioned how club managers could raise monies to pay salaries of idling players without getting returns, and therefore urged the parties involved to find alternative means of addressing the issue.

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