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Appolonia Project to ease housing deficit

"Real estate developer, Rendeavour, is expected to deliver about 500 housing units"

Source: GHR1/Graphic

Posted on : Tue 18 Aug 2015

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Real estate developer, Rendeavour, is expected to deliver about 500 housing units by December 2015, to help ease the housing deficit in the country.

This will be part of the first phase of a 22,000-housing-unit project under the Appolonia City of Light concept being executed by Rendeavour Africa on a 941-hectare land on the Eastern plains of Accra.

Chief Executive Officer of the Appolonia Development Company Limited, Mr Anthony Okyere, told the GRAPHIC BUSINESS in an interview that the project was a mixed use development which comprised residential properties, light industrial facilities, retail and other commercial centres, as well as schools,
health care, family parks and other social infrastructure.

The project, which has reached advanced stage to meet the needs of the public at all levels of the income group, is the single largest private urban development project, the first of its kind in Ghana.

“As the largest private urban development and the first of its kind in Ghana, the project will significantly help address the housing challenges confronting the country,” Mr Okyere explained.

He said the company had already put up a lot of infrastructure on the ground and invited interested groups, individuals, and estate developers to patronise the facility which had been programmed to meet international standards.

“The project is designed to help create the infrastructure, such as living and working spaces, communities, schools and hospitals that will help sustain and accelerate Ghana’s economic growth, meet the aspirations of Ghanaians, especially those in the middle class and serve as a catalyst for further urban development”.

He said a unique feature about the project was the “Buy and Build Concept, ” under which customers could acquire a piece of land in the project area and construct the facilities themselves, but within the project scope and specifications.

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