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Blakk Rasta explains why he will be shocked if Akufo-Addo wins 2020 election

Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian radio presenter and musician, Blakk Rasta, has said that he will be shocked to witness the victory of President Nana Akufo-Addo in the forthcoming 2020 general election which will be held on December 7.

The ‘Kuchoko’ composer said the outbreak of the Coronavirus has had a negative impact on the developmental projects that President Akufo-Addo’s government wanted to implement.

In this regard, Blakk Rasta asserted voters might try to vote him out.

“In this pandemic period, this is a worst time to be a president. Nana Addo has done everything he can in his own power to contain this virus. But whatever he does people will still complain. People are complaining. It is not easy. Free hot food and people are asking how much millions?


“A lot of the plans he had from the time he came into power have all stalled. One Village One Dam, factories, etc. How can you do that in this Corona era? It has all smashed up. So people are looking out for brighter and newer faces to be able to do this. If Nana Addo wins this election, I will be shocked,“ he told DJ Adviser in an interview on Happy FM.

Meanwhile, Blakk Rasta admitted he is not the only Head of State who was badly hit by the pandemic.

“And he is not alone, all the other presidents in this Coronavirus, this didn’t help them. It is sad,” he added.

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