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I have never celebrated my birthday – Daddy Lumba [Video]

Highlife legend, Daddy Lumba, says he has never celebrated any of his birthdays since he got into the limelight.

According to him, he has a concealed motive as to why he decides not to.

In an interview on his 58th birthday this year, the music legend detailing one of his secrets said, “would you believe I have never celebrated my birthday since I was born?”

“Since I, Daddy Lumba, was born 29 September 1964, I have never celebrated my birthday. This is the only time my fans can get to ask me everything about my life. Others think I like to roam and chill, but I am not like that. I hardly go out,” he said.

According to Daddy Lumba, he is willing to give his die-hard fans the opportunity to meet up with him every Friday.

“I want to interact with them, so they can also have the opportunity to ask me any question they want. I am also going to dissect some of my lyrics with them to know my state of mind at the time I was writing the songs,” he said.

According to the music legend, until he got sick and bedridden, he thought he was loved by many.

“Getting sick thought me a lesson in life. I thought everyone loved me, but if you had to be sick and use a wheelchair for over 10 years, you will then understand what I am saying,” the music star recalled.

Check out the video below:


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