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Why holding church services online is wrong

Rev. Chris Okotie, the Senior Pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries

A senior pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries in Nigeria, Rev. Chris Okotie, says holding church services on social media is against scripture.

According to him, the holy scripture emphasises the need for physical gathering to exalt and praise the Almighty God hence watching pastors preach online is unscriptural.

What we call online church is absolutely untrue because for you to be church, you have to be ‘out’ which is translated from the Greek as Ecclesia. ‘Ec’ meaning ‘out’ and ‘caleo’ meaning ‘call, he explained.

The combination of the two Greek words, he said means ‘called out’, saying the church cannot therefore gather unto God until the congregation is “called out”.

God knows where you are, if he was not interested in the assembly, you don’t need to come to church you can pray in your house and he can see all of us, he said.


Elaborating on the need to gather as congregants he continued:

He doesn’t need computers; that’s why the bible posts that verse as an imperative. You must not forsake the assembly of yourselves together.

This thing we are talking about [that is], cyber churches … if he was not interested in our assembly, we could have prayed in our houses. You must not forsake yourselves from assembly!

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