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Bulldog makes shocking revelation about Fennec Okyere’s death

Entertainment commentator Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, claims he received three separate prophecies , and that his stint in prison saved his life.


On Saturday, July 29, 2022, he revealed this to presenter Nana Romeo while participating as a commentator on Entertainment Capital on Accra FM.

He revealed, “Six or seven years ago, when I was detained for [reported] murder…

My mother approached me before I entered the cells and advised me to drive carefully while I am with Shatta Wale. She didn’t say anything else. She remained silent after her initial comment.

“I then went to work. My coworker said that a friend of hers told her that I had been in an accident while operating a Benz. I answered that I don’t have a Benz. I travel in a [Toyota] Corolla. All I did was listen. I wasn’t detained for long after this. About two weeks had passed since this information. I spent a month in the cells after being arrested. Now, on separate days, three prophets who were unrelated to one another came and inquired of a certain man who had been imprisoned; they didn’t even know me. And as they approached me, they told me that God had placed me where I am.

He is defending me against something. They reported an accident, my leg was amputated a month or so later, and a month after that, I passed away. It’s not like they were strolling together, mind you; three different people spoke at the same time. The former manager of musician Shatta Wale, also known as Bulldog and now known as Bullgod, was detained in 2014 on suspicion of killing Fennec Okyere, manager of singer Kwaw Kese.


This came about as a result of investigations by the Police Criminal Investigations Department’s Homicide Unit identifying him as the primary suspect, partly because it had been shown he had made several threats against the deceased’s life.

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