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Ghanaian Convicted For Fraud And Money Laundering In USA Confirmed As Former Minister Inusah Fuseini’s Son

The son of Abdul Inusah Fuseini, a former NDC MP for Tamale Central and former minister for lands and natural resources, Abdul Inusah is a Ghanaian who was found guilty of money laundering and fraud in the United States of America.


Following a trial in the USA, Abdul Inusah was found guilty of fraud and money laundering.


The Ghanaian was found guilty by a jury in Huntington, West Virginia, of receiving stolen property, conspiring to launder money, and two counts of wire fraud.


He will receive a sentence in November and might spend up to 50 years behind bars.


Allegations that he was the son of a former minister appeared after news of his imprisonment.

Inusah was found guilty on Tuesday, despite claims to the contrary about his paternity, according to Ghanaweb news online.


It has now been established that Inusah is the son of Inusah Abdulai Bistav Fuseini, a former lawmaker from Ghana.


Inusah Fuseini, a well-known figure in Ghanaian politics for many years, represented Tamale Central in the House of Representatives for four terms from April 2016 to January 2021.


During John Dramani Mahama’s presidency, he also served as minister of roads and highways between 2013 and 2017.



Abdul, Fuseini’s son, was found guilty in the US after a jury trial.


Inusah was a participant in a plot, according to the prosecution, that used social media, email, text messages, and fictitious personalities to target victims.


Inusah and his accomplices deceived potential victims from January 2018 until at least December 2019 into believing they were involved in a romantic, friendshipal, or professional connection with the intention of later extorting money from them.

According to the website of the U.S Justice Department: “One false persona, “Miarama,” was used to induce an Alabama resident into providing $106,000 via wire transfers and cashier’s checks. The amount included $48,000 to pay overdue taxes on a nonexistent gold inheritance in Ghana and $21,000 wired to Bitsav Supply LLC, a shell company set up by Inusah.


“Another false persona, “Grace,” persuaded a Washington resident to wire funds so “Grace” could maintain her South African cocoa plantation and move to the United States to marry the victim. Other victims of the false personas included residents of Ohio and Florida,”


Said United States Attorney Will Thompson following Inusah’s conviction: “It is truly heartbreaking how this conspiracy exploited individuals who were particularly vulnerable, such as following the death of a longtime spouse. Some of the victims did not recognize themselves as victims, and continued to believe these false personas were real and that they were in actual relationships,”


Thompson added: “I commend the investigative work of the United States Secret Service, the United States Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-Office of Inspector General (FDIC-OIG), the West Virginia State Police and the South Charleston Police Department. I also commend Assistant United States Attorneys Kathleen Robeson and R. Gregory McVey and our trial team for trying this complex fraud case before the jury.”

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