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Medikal Collaborates With His ‘Sweet Ex’ Sister Derby On A New Song

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has teamed up with his former girlfriend, singer Sister Derby, for a new collaboration that has got fans buzzing with excitement. The duo, who were once known for their public displays of affection and romantic relationship, have put their differences aside to create a new hit song.


The news of their collaboration was first announced on Medikal’s social media pages, where he shared a snippet of the song with the caption, “Sweet Ex ft @sisterdeborah dropping soon”. The announcement was met with mixed reactions, with some fans expressing their excitement and others questioning the wisdom of working with an ex.


Despite their past relationship, it seems that Medikal and Sister Derby have been able to put their differences aside and focus on creating good music. The song, titled “Sweet Ex”, is a catchy afrobeats track that showcases the duo’s chemistry and musical talents.

The lyrics of the song talk about the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, with Medikal and Sister Derby trading verses about their past experiences. The chorus of the song, which features Sister Derby’s sultry vocals, is particularly catchy and has already become a fan favourite.


Fans have praised the duo for their mature handling of their past relationship and for putting their talents to good use.


Medikal and Sister Derby’s collaboration is not the first time that exes have worked together in the music industry. In fact, many famous musical collaborations have been between former romantic partners, such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, and Rihanna and Chris Brown. While some collaborations have been met with controversy and criticism, others have been praised for their musical excellence and ability to bring people together.


In the case of Medikal and Sister Derby, their collaboration seems to have struck the right chord with fans. Their willingness to put their past differences aside and create something new and exciting shows that they are both professionals who are focused on their craft.


Overall, Medikal and Sister Derby’s new song “Sweet Ex” is a testament to the power of music to bring people together, even those who have had a complicated romantic history. Fans of the duo will no doubt be eagerly awaiting their next collaboration, which promises to be just as exciting and captivating as their first.


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