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Police arrest man in viral video whipping his toddler 21 times

Ghanaweb News Online can reveal that the dad who was shown in a viral video severely hitting his son who was only three years old has been detained by authorities.


Richard Kofi, the suspect, was apprehended on Wednesday at Akaa Buem in Jasikan, Oti Region, at 3:30 p.m.


In the footage, a guy identified as the boy’s father knocks the child off his feet with what seems to be a shrub branch and continues a horrifying attack while the child crawls on all fours.


Despite the boy’s high-pitched sobs, the suspect picks him up and keeps pounding him. In the 1:18 video, he spanks the youngster at least 21 times.

On Wednesday, the police visited Akaa Buem to pick up the suspect, which sparked unrest in the neighborhood. He was led to the chief’s palace, where the details of his supposed crime were given, and then driven out in a Toyota van.


The suspect’s wife, who resides in a home apart from her husband, was also apprehended by the authorities. Additionally, the youngster was taken from the home and given to the police’s custody.


The man was arrested just a day after the police announced a 2,000cedi reward for his capture in a statement on Tuesday.


The suspect insisted he had done nothing wrong while he was being taken outside of the neighborhood. He was overheard cursing and threatening to hurt people who called the police on him.

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