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Video of Uduak Akpan trying to flee court after he was sentenced to de@th by hanging for r@ping and k!ll!ng job seeker, Idiubong Umoren.

Uduah Frank Akpan, who killed deceased job seeker Iniubong Umoreh, was given a hanging verdict.The eldest brother of the late Iniubong Umoreh disclosed that his family is pleased with the court’s decision in a live video broadcast from the high court in Uyo.


He continued by saying that he had no notion that a family without connections like his could obtain justice so quickly.


However, despite justice being done, their attorney claimed that it is terrible that the deceased cannot be brought back to life.


Additionally, he stated that Uduak Frank Akpan, the accused, never expressed regret at any point during the court.


He said that it is not his decision to make when the accused’s attorney questioned whether the case would be appealed.Following are some remarks from the live feed:

“Am delighted that justice has been done,” Ambrose Sheriff Agba stated.


Congratulations to Nigeria’s Justice Ministry for their prompt response to the current issue, stated Nganyuo Ebai. Just as justice delayed is justice denied, I wish or sincerely hope that other examples of injustice throughout Nigeria are investigated right away. Thank you again.


The same way that Chidinma should be jailed for killing that individual and removing money from his account after killing him, stated Pappy Vicc.


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